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In 1975, the SER Artistic and Musical Group was created and organized, simply called ART-MUSICAL SER.


Under the direction of Maestrina Luci Ramos da Costa, Coral Ramatis became a Mediumistic Messenger through Art on behalf of SER, performing unforgettable presentations.


From 2003 to 2008 it was conducted by Maestro José Marques, having been restructured as a quartet of mixed voices, then being conducted by Maestro Luiz Lima.


It is under the baton of Luiz Lima, violinist, pianist and singer, formed by the Brazilian Conservatory of Music and conductor of other important Choirs in Rio de Janeiro, that today, the joy, the study and the discipline, mark the new phase of this group that , through music, seeks to share vibrations of harmony and fraternity wherever he goes... 


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