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Astral Mail

Psychographs Mediums Group that meets once a week, in order to receive messages from disincarnated friends and / or relatives.

ASTRAL MAIL is a work of spiritual exchange, where the disincarnated person, when in conditions and authorized, communicates with someone from the Physical Plane. It is enough to be doing spiritual treatment in the House and in prayer to ask the Father for a message.

You don't need to put your name anywhere, just ask when you're in prayer. The session is private, that is, only mediums participate. No name or order is placed anywhere. It is the spirit world that guides the spirit to communicate.

There are several factors that interfere in the messages: the physical ones, the attunement with the medium and the conditions of consciousness of the disincarnated person.

Information in the Spiritual Department or at the reception , about the list with the list of received messages.

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