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Gospel at home


How to Get Individual Spiritual Help or in Loaded Environments?

The easiest way will be to implement the Gospel Worship at Home.

How to Implement the Gospel Worship in the Home?

  • Gather your family members, or look for some spiritual and interested people and choose a certain day and time to meet weekly at your home, in a calm environment, in half light, around a table.

  • The ideal time for the service is 15 to 60 minutes. It is very important that there is discipline. After an opening prayer, ask for protection from disincarnated spiritual friends.

  • To strictly prohibit any imbalance or manifestation, by any participant, so as not to violate the sacred environment of the Home.

  • During the service readings are taken from the books “The Gospel According to Spiritism” and “The Spirits' Book”, which is necessary, both for the incarnated and the disincarnated, in order to meditate on possible disturbances.

  • We advise you to read the “Gospel Worship Manual at Home”. This Manual, as well as the two books mentioned above, can be purchased at Ramatis Bookstore. At SER, the Gospel Worship at Home course is taught free of charge in three classes, always on Tuesdays, from 7 pm to 8:30 pm.

For those who live far away but are interested in practical guidance, we offer the opportunity to attend at least one class.


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