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Prédio da Sede Sociedade Espírita Ramatis - Rua José Higino, nº 176 - Tijuca
Rua Maria Amália, 54 - Tijuca - SER

Founded on March 19, 1964

Welcome to the website of the Spiritualist Society Ramatis, a Christian Spiritist Organization, in Tijuca, specializing in spiritual treatments, which addresses cases of obsession, backrest, magic and disturbers who act against incarnates and even separate couples.

The resources used by mediums, Spiritual Guides and disincarnated doctors act where material therapies do not have access, with the greatest treatment being the teachings of the Spiritist doctrine, through Jesus, Kardec and Ramatis, with whom they will have understanding to face the problems of the day to day. day.

We are a family owned and operated business.

The Spiritist Society Ramatis was founded on March 19, 1964, by ANTONIO PLÍNIO DA SILVA ALVIM - APSA and provides relevant spiritual and material services to thousands of creatures, free of charge. With its headquarters at Rua José Higino, nº 176 - Tijuca, it has its Material Assistance Department at number 170 on this same street, its Mediums School and Department of Childhood and Youth at number 22 and an auditorium for lectures at Rua Maria Amália nº 54, opened in August 1999.

We are a family owned and operated business.

At our headquarters, currently, on average, around 1,100 mediums work, serving 10,000 people weekly.

The Spiritist Society Ramatis, through its Material Assistance Department, assists 130 needy families registered on a monthly basis and 13 institutions (asylums, orphanages, hospitals, colonies, etc.), bringing food, clothing, shoes and utensils in general, in addition to assistance. spiritual.

In our Department of Children and Youth, we work with needy pregnant women, who receive guidance, food and trousseau for the baby. We also serve an average of 200 needy children from the Morro dos Macacos Community, including offering professional courses (manicure, typing, computers, handicrafts and sewing).

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